February 4, 2011

My Favorite-est New Presets …

I have the pleasure of knowing Jessica Paige through our mutual involvement at I Heart Faces.  She graciously allowed me to beta test the JPG version of her latest presets, The Timeless CollectionBottom line:  they are gorgeous.  Designed specifically for portraits, they warm/cool/tone & convert to b/w … ALL WITHOUT DOING FUNKY THINGS to SKIN!!! 

I ran all the presets thru my paces this morning.  I used an outdoor picture and an indoor picture.  In each case, I slightly adjusted the exposure of my SOOC picture FIRST (in each picture below I added about .25 exposure, +10 fill light & +5 brightness) and then applied the presets without any further adjustments.  Jessica has quite smartly left exposure values OUT of her presets, so you can choose those for each image and not have your settings undone when you apply the preset.


Ok, ‘nuff talking.  On to showing…  First up, outdoor pic:

timeless outside

And, indoor pic:

timeless inside

Jessica’s wonderful presets allow me to work exponentially quicker, because every photo that I can nail right inside Lightroom is a photo I don’t have to send to Photoshop to finesse.  Thank you, Jessica – you make my “job” (that I love) so much easier!!!

Oh, and there's a discount code that's good through Feb 9 for the JPG version: TIMELESSJPG

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Life with Kaishon said...

love that word
even though I don't have lightroom yet, some day I will get it.
Just because of you : )
beautiful pictures. beautiful edits!
wishing you a beautiful weekend skeller ; )

Leslie said...

Alexandria is exactly what I have been wanting.. really love these...

someday someday.

Anonymous said...

Those look gorgeous! You may have talked me into buying my second set of presets... :)