January 2, 2011

2010 in Review.

Photographic Review, that is. In 3.5 minutes. Which is approximately 3 minutes longer than most blog-hopping-visitors typically enjoy viewing. But I wanted to include all my favorite shots. Not necessarily my technically-best pictures. But my favorites. The pictures that make me smile. Or remember. Or "move" me. Or feel raw/honest/real/in-the-moment. Or simply the few-and-far-between that actually show the Teen genuinely smiling (smirk - just bein' honest here!). Family pictures. And professional pictures. All mixed together in mostly chronological order. (please excuse all my non-sentences - let's just pretend that I'm being all artsy with my short-on-words theme, and not just being too lazy to amend my poor grammar)

One of the nice side benefits of culling all my favorite images is that it's helping me narrow down my choices for my favorite face photo of 2010 for this week's theme at I Heart Faces. I think I've narrowed my favorites down to these ...

2010 favorites-7

2010 favorites-3

2010 favorites-8

2010 favorites-5

2010 favorites-6

2010 favorites-4

Please help me. What say you? Which should I submit?

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Heather said...

**Loved** the slideshow, Susan... and cast a vote for your little man in his bright blue goggles. All your choices are fabulous, but your littlest guy... he's surely a keeper!

{And Happy New Year!}

Tracy P. said...

The boy and his dogs! Love it. Looking forward to your slideshow when my kids are on the bus. :-)

Anita Johnson said...

Oh no, we aren't helping...I picked the little girl in pink! Your slideshow was a treat, a wonderful use of my coffee break this morning!

Rebekah said...

I'm voting for #1 for composition and love the look on her face or #5 because it captures so much personality.

Loved the slideshow - my favorite picture was the one of you and your husband where you're standing behind him looking at the camera while he's looking away. It's so perfect.

klbuley said...

BRIGHT BLUE SWIM GOGGLES!!! What a great picture!

Stephanie Jamail said...

Boy with Dogs is my favorite!

Amy said...

I LOVE the last little boy. He's adorable! Thanks for sharing the video. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Sarah said...

whoa, I made your slideshow <3! what a year!!!

and #4-- hands down-- would be my choice!

kbreints said...

LOVE the little jeweled baby... but I can see how you had a hard time choosing. GREAT work!

Krista keller said...

I love them all but kept going back to #4. She just feels really peaceful and happy. Beautiful job!

Katherine said...

Absolutely loved your video, thanks! I really want you to come to Switzerland and do a photo shoot with our family in the Swiss Alps before Jason leaves for college ;-) Let me know if you might be in the vicinity anytime in the next 8 months... heh heh. We had some pretty good scenery last week in the French Alps even with my little point & shoot camera.


Jessaca said...

Oh Susan where do I begin
I see that you have already choosen which one you are going to submit. I love the baby with her little sari on...too cute!!
I also just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have stummbled across your blog this past year. Thanks for your post at I heart faces about Putting your self in front of the camera more. Which I have even without make upon.
Love you photo video!!! Great song
Anyway sorry for rammbling on hope you have great day and many blessing this new year to you and yours.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. I loved the video. Loved. Loved. Loved. Can you teach me how to do that? And that song? PERFECTION! And these pictures....I love them. My favorite was the scuba glasses. Photography is so subjective. I can see how you got so many different votes.

I think I have told you before (once or twice) how thankful I am for you. You really inspire me with your pictures that are like art : ) and your words that always point to Jesus. I see Him when I visit here. In every family session, senior session, baby session, personal session. I see Jesus.

Thank you for sharing His light with me and with so many others. Much love, Becky

darcy @ m3b said...

You probably already picked since I'm a day late and more than a dollar short - but all of those are so lovely in their own way.

if you forced me to pick one... ack. I'd pick boy with dogs - only because getting preteen and teen boys to smile so genuinely is hard. really hard. and those puppies did what most pro photogs wish they knew how to do (me included!)

Your work is just... beautiful.