October 21, 2010

Because there's some kayaking in our immediate future ...

Big Dude wanted a waterproof camera. And since a whole new waterproof camera is exponentially less costly than a waterproof housing unit for MY camera, we got this:


We call it our Kia camera. It's cute. And small. And waterproof. And video-friendly. And super easy for self-portraits. And Orange.
We've played around with it a bit. I like its B/W mode.

playing with new camera

Methinks it will be more than adequate for our kayaking adventures. Tho, I'm not giving up my Big Girl camera with its real viewfinder for all the tea in China.



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Jessaca said...

Your right about the black and whites they did come out great. That is the one thing about my point and shot that I do miss ...excelent black and whites.
Can't wait to see what photos come out of your new camera.

Leslie said...

I love that He wanted it...
I've been begging for quite a bit.

love the underwater shot

Tracy P. said...

Time to go snorkeling!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Yay. So excited for your snorkling trip! Yay for new cameras (big or small)
Yay for orange cameras!