August 10, 2010

Day 3: Yellowstone Geothermal Splendor

Freaky piece of natural beauty after freaky piece. Yellowstone is simply awe-inspiring. These pictures don't do it justice. Really truly. The other thing these pictures don't do is blow a jetstream of stinky heat over you as you look at them. Like the actual natural phenomenons do. ;-)








Ok, not geothermal, but splendiferous all the same ... ;-) My dudes:




Up next ... Old Faithful, Mammoth Springs, & up-close-and-personal with the wildlife at twilight!

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Tracy P. said...

Ahhhh! It's SO FUN to see Susan Keller photos of a place I have actually been! You're bringing back wonderful memories. But would you work on adding the scents to those? It just feels like something is missing. ;-)

Your dudes have highest point magnets. They are awesome.

Heidi said...

Ahhhhh. So happy to look at all that yummy, colorific, God-created goodness (interpreted by Susan) without the smell. Been there. Remember that. ;-P

Robert Benson said...

Thanks for the memories ... we really enjoyed visiting Yellowstone 2 years ago. Our pictures aren't quite as good though ... maybe we can pack you in our luggage next time? :) Have fun on the rest of your trip. Robert

Deidra said...

As always, your photos are just perfect!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Those crystal clear springs are amazing!!! You're right, I'm sure the pictures don't do them justice. Beautiful pictures, as usual, Susan!!!

Anita Johnson said...

One of my favorite places in the United States! Our National Park System is amazing!

Krystal said...

simply amazing! now i can't wait to go!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Just an amazing place!