August 9, 2010

Consider the Lilies – Aliso Viejo Family Photographer

Gosh, I've had this project in my head for ever so long - it's so satisfying to bring it to fruition.

beautiful young ladies
macro flower photography

And a bonus: slideshow!! If you wish to see it larger & hear the song in its entirety, feel free to visit my Facebook page.

This whole session was designed with the end album in mind. And here's the album (each image is a double page spread). I totally love how it turned out!!

Buskirk album 001 (Sides 1-2)

Buskirk album 002 (Sides 3-4)

Buskirk album 003 (Sides 5-6)

Buskirk album 004 (Sides 7-8)

Buskirk album 005 (Sides 9-10)

Buskirk album 006 (Sides 11-12)

Buskirk album 007 (Sides 13-14)

Buskirk album 008 (Sides 15-16)

Buskirk album 009 (Sides 17-18)

Buskirk album 010 (Sides 19-20)

Buskirk album 011 (Sides 21-22)

Buskirk album 012 (Sides 23-24)

Buskirk album 013 (Sides 25-26)

Many thanks to these lovely young ladies for their enthusiastic participation in this endeavor!! I hope you love the album as much as I do :-).

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Orange County Baby, Child & Family Photographer


Christy said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Tracy P. said...

How...much...more? Susan this is a masterpiece, showcasing the TRUE masterpiece! May the Lord use this truth in powerful ways in the lives of these young ladies. The gift of a lifetime!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wonderful, wonderful idea.
Love what you created.

The Animator's Wife said...

oh beautiful! way to go, Susan! I love it when the things in my head actually materialize... :-)

- dls - said...

i LOVE this!!!! =)

Karin said...

Oh my goodness...I Love it!!!!!

Jessaca said...

WOW LOVE LOVE LOVE the slide show and the song combination...brought tears to my eyes. You did a great job placing the right scripture with each photo.

Christine said...

I love this idea so so so much! It's amazing... you inspire me!

tara k said...

truly beautiful, susan. the song, the images, the are AMAZING!!! thanks so much for sharing. :)

Jim Foust said...

Excellent work young lady!

Anita Johnson said...

I just got home from Michigan and find myself looking at these photos, paired with the scripture, over and over again. So BEAUTIFUL! I hope their mom considers making a photo book...what a treasure!

Linz said...

So beautiful Susan....absolutely beautiful!

Allyson said...

This is simply lovely Susan - beautiful idea!

wenderful said...

Just beautiful, Susan. Gorgeous images and a wonderful, important message.