July 26, 2010

Summer. Business as usual ...

Been here a few times over the last couple days ...


I've got this in one hand:


I've got this in the other hand:


Big Dude's got his hands full:


Even Eldest Dude has his hands full:


And we've already seen some gorgeous, GORGEOUS scenery!


Life is good. (but the color on my laptop is not, so travel pics are pretty much SOOC, til I can edit again at home).

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Leslie said...

oh yeah!!
have fun. be safe.

Tracy P. said...

Nice!! Fun to see Eldest Dude taking after Mom.

Anita Johnson said...

How fun and the color looks great to us out here!

Christi said...

Loved Loved Loved that book. One of my favorite reads this year! I hope you enjoy it.

Life with Kaishon said...

You have such a great family! So super jealous that you can read and drive! Wow. I always get a headache when I try.