June 15, 2010

Two Special Sessions to Raise Funds for Adoptive Families

Beautiful life collage - 2a-2

Here's the "nutshell" story and the links to the bigger stories: Amy and I date back to our post-college-pre-marriage years. Kim and I are are more recent friends, having met each other in a park a few years ago, being fellow SoCal homeschoolers. Amy and Kim (and their families) are walking by faith, working to bring home their sons from Ethiopia. Adoption is expensive, and both families could use some help bringing these precious boys home. Here's Amy's story. Here's Kim's story. Feel free to peruse your way through their blogs/sites - you'll get a beautiful glimpse of their hearts and their journeys.

Here's what I want to do to help: I want to offer two full digital package sessions with every last penny of these session packages going to these two families' adoption funds.

How will YOU benefit? Because, oh yes, I also want YOU to be blessed by helping these dear families.

First and foremost, you'll be the recipient of gorgeous, fun photographs -- complete with the full-resolution digital negatives! ;-)

** Session fee waived (a $250+ savings).
** Double the number of images provided.
** 50 custom designed Christmas cards - oh, c'mon, you know you want to cross that off your future to-do list!!
** plus a delightful surprise item.
** And a discount on any other purchases.

What are you waiting for?!?: a photographic adventure with me, hefty savings, surprises, Christmas cards, and a fabulous opportunity to help two families. Email me for specific pricing details and session date availability.

Oh, and peek here, to see how beautiful adoption already is in Kim's family ...

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Life with Kaishon said...

I love that you are helping in a big way! With actions and with words. I love that! You always inspire me!

Anita Johnson said...

What a great idea...I wish I was there to take advantage of this offer!
The photos of the adoptive family are heartwarming. Such love!

metaphase said...

Oh how I wish I lived close enough to have a session with you for these families. I'd be all over it if I could. As the mom of an adopted son (and a bio. daughter!), I know how hard it can be to find the finances. It's just a walk of faith, and for them someone like you comes along to help unexpectedly!