June 22, 2010

Total Randomness #1

Everything I haven’t posted, but have meant to, and may yet still …

Big Dude created a bunch of CAD drawings for Ray Rapozo, a ukulele maker in Kauai.  In return, he sent us a gorgeous ukulele.


We drove all the way to LA (something most of us are loathe to do), so Middle Dude could get one of his 39 Clues books autographed by Gordon Korman (still kicking myself for not bringing MY copy of Schooled).  The other guy at the table is the author of the Pendragon series.


Delightful “friends of history” came for a visit.  We enjoyed fish tacos and some time in Laguna …

linds in laguna

Papa and Nana came for a visit, also, which gave a good excuse for the following activities …

Remote Car Racing (& crashing):

_MG_7806    _MG_7763 _MG_7768 _MG_7794


A trip to the beach (big waves, high tide, no access to the “lighthouse” turret)



_MG_7869 _MG_7866 _MG_7871 _MG_7878



Followed by a trip to the candy store …

_MG_7901 _MG_7905

…where we saw cute candy:


Gross candy:


and eye candy (???!!!):


We then watched some Lawn Bowling:

_MG_7923 _MG_7927

And I forced Nana & Papa to pose for a shot (ignore those interlopers in the background).


And Spring was filled with an abundance of wildflowers …



more Randomness to follow.  I’m not caught up yet ;-).


Heidi said...

Eye candy. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!

Becky @ The Shea Family said...

LOL! ur funny! loved looking at these pics. the seagull poop is just gross!

Tracy P. said...

I was composing a post like this in my mind today. I need to do about five of them. The conundrum of blogging is that when you have time to do it, you don't have much to blog about, and vice versa.

I LOVE your candy store posts!!

Anonymous said...

what kind of lens is your fish eye? its pretty neat photos

Anita Johnson said...

I love randomness...especially photo randomness! How fun to see all the great places you can get to! Love the big goggles on the little dude too...so cute! I wish I had a piece of candy from that store to enjoy as I catch up on emails!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love Nana and Papa : ) How special was that? You know what I remember about your blog? I think I fell in love HARD with your pictures when you went to Cracker Barrell and took pictures of the candy last summer. You inspired me to take some candy pictures too. They are somewhere on a card I haven't yet uploaded. Must do that soon :)

Glad you are having fun visits : )