May 26, 2010

What We Didn’t See in San Juan Capistrano.

The Mission. 

Because they wanted to charge us $57 for the privilege of entering and walking around for a little looksee.  Oh, but for that $57, they now include an audio-guided walkie-talkie tour thingy.  We passed.

Instead we walked around the Mission neighborhood.  Because that walk was free.

We walked thru this gigantic, block long Antique shop.


Middle Dude was checking everything out, all while assuring me over and over again, “Not touching!”

_MG_8342 Here’s some ol’ historic building that we sat in front of...

_MG_8345And here’s an ol’ historic adobe building:

_MG_8354 _MG_8357

And another (getting tired of my fisheye yet?!?):

_MG_8358 And here’s a neato, tiny, old place for rent … for a mere $2200 per month.


Nana and Middle Dude showed competency on the playground pommel horse.

_MG_8382 _MG_8385

But, Little Dude did tricks!

_MG_8387 _MG_8389 _MG_8392

A pretty poppy …_MG_8402A caboose …

_MG_8407  And vintage Kellers …

_MG_8405T-2Those are the things we saw while we weren’t seeing the Mission.


Alysha (Supermom) said...

Dang... I didn't know they charged that much. Looks like you guys still had a great time though. Beautiful pictures as always :)

see you in two weeks for the photo walk :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Your Mom looks SO young. Like she could be your sister! I love your fun outing to the 'mission.'

Can not believe that place is 2,200 a month. WOW! That is a lot of money.

I love your pictures of your adventure. They are fantastic! : )
I could look at fisheye pictures by you all day long!

Anita Johnson said...

I think you "spent" your money wisely...I love the fish eye photos too...just beautiful!

Aunt Tea said...

was that all easy to find within walking distance of the mission? my brother and i went IN the mission a few weeks ago, and my family is interested in seeing SJC later in the fall.

Just ME the MOM said...

So cute - looks like you all had a blast!


Deidra said...

Too bad for the mission. I remember going there with my family when I was about seventeen years old. We went to see the swallows, but even way back then my parents weren't going to pay the fee (probably $10 each at the time) for our family of four. It was still - for me - one of the most memorable parts of that trip.

Karin said...

Love the vintage family shot! :)

Skeller said...

Alysha - yay! looking forward to meeting you :-)

Becky - Big Dude's mom, but yes!!! she does look young! And that $2200 place was really truly just a shack!

Thanks, Anita. I think we "spent" well, too ;-)

Pam - yup. just around the Mission. you can see the Antique shop across the street from the Mission entrance. and we just kept walking down that street and then headed over to the train depot.

tearese said...

I like that last picture best, with the textures. Looks like fun!

Aunt Tea said...

I must have been blinded by the starbucks. Good to know! Did not see a train depot.
Ironically, my brother and I took the train to get there.

Leslie said...

did you find any treasure at the barn...... ??

hope so.

Skeller said...

hehe, Leslie. put together everything that you know to be true about me ... do YOU think I found any treasures in the barn?!? ;-)