April 1, 2010

Then. And Now.


Then - I skipped sunblock lotion and used to lay on the dock and flip every 30 minutes. Y'know, for an "even" tan.

Now - 4 biopsies, 2 skin carcinomas removed, and $$$ medical bills later ... I wear SPF70. And stay in the shade. :-(

Then - I wore a small visor to keep my long tresses from blowing over my eyes as I drove the boat.

Now - I wear a huge, wide-brimmed hat over my quite short hair ... all the time. See above.


Then - I wore sunglasses because the sun was bright.

Now - I wear sunglasses because the sun is bright. And squinting makes all my wrinkles way more pronounced.

Then - my shorty wetsuit fit.

Now - not so much. (but hey, it did a bang-up job of keeping the water OUT!!! small mercies...)

Then - I could ski forever and ever without falling.

Now - I still don't fall, but I only ski til my muscles give out ... roughly 5 minutes (or less?) after I begin.

Then - My muscles screamed and ached the day after I skied.

Now - the same. Some things don't change. ;-)

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Holly said...

not being much of a sun/water person you won't .ever. catch me water skiing. Isn't it funny how where you live helps to form what you do and that in turn helps to develop what you like?

Tracy P. said...


Going to the dermo next week for a check. My second seems to be brewing. No fun!!

Our friends with a ski boat traded it in for a jet ski. Hallelujah! :-)

Life with Kaishon said...

Then and now. Great post. Filled with wisdom.