March 1, 2010

Constructive Criticism Friday at IHF …

Here are my fixes for this week’s CCF at IHF (sooc is first image).  You can find my how-to’s at each linked site (in the comments).
Quick note: I'm overdue to calibrate my monitor. I just checked these on my other computer, and they're all a bit too yellow. My apologies...

From Bridget:



From Ema Pics:

ccf4 ccf4T

From Rebekah:


ccf5T-3 ccf5T-2-2

From Baby Steps

ccf6 ccf6T-2 ccf6TT-2

From Tami


ccf7T ccf7T-2

From Kellie




Kellie said...

thanks for taking the time to play with it! i like what you did, a lot!

Day to Day Tripper said...

Thanks for working with my photo. Cloning out a hand isn't very fun so I understand your desire to skip this step! I love the actions you did and the background does look better. Thanks again for your advice.

Rebekah said...


And how do I love your edit of the baby ballerinas? Ler me count the ways...

Ritsumei said...

Oh, thank you! Mine is the belly picture with my son imitating me. You are right - black and white is lovely for that. Thank you very much for the book recommendation! I'll get that on my wish list this afternoon. =D

I also love what you've done with the B&W baby, just below me, and the small ballerinas are beyond adorable!

zlatsie said...

I love the edit of the ballet girls!!! I really liked that picture to begin with and the edit is awesome.

Elaine said...

You really are inspiring, loved coming to see your CC. I especially love that last picture. My little gal is in dance am going to have to remember that.

Me said...

Thanks you so much for editing my ALL BOY pic at EMA Pics. It looks fantastic, so I must check out some of those actions you mention.

Thanks again, it is so inspiring . .