February 13, 2010

When you Might Want a Tiny Aperture

We hear about shooting “wide open” all the time. Truth be told, I usually have my walk-around lens set at its widest aperture. And I do so love a beautiful natural portrait with shallow depth of field. But sometimes it’s really nice to shut down that aperture and be mindful of capturing a not-so-shallow depth of field. Like when you’re on vacation. In a really beautiful location. And the backdrop is nearly as important as the people at the forefront.

First example – my “baby” and my husband in the foreground, Zion National Park in the background. And I wanted to be able to see both! Settings: f/8, 15mm, 1/125 second, 200 iso.

Next up, I’m shooting “blind”, and there are four of us, and again, that great Zion background, and I want it ALL in focus. same settings as above.

In these next two, I wanted a super deep depth of field to emphasize a really BIG, vast landscape at Bryce National Park … and to make sure that my teeny tiny husband on the peek of the mountain was in focus.

Both these images are f/11.

More examples of big, beautiful landscapes with people; each image is utilizing an aperture that’s at least f/8 or smaller …

  So next time you’re out enjoying a gorgeous location, be mindful of trying to capture some images using a small aperture. You might be quite well pleased with the results.

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