January 29, 2010

Orange County Family Photography

I already showed four minute's worth of photos from this delightful session, but I also promised to show pictures from our "official" destination. Without further ado, here they are :-).

official destination

Feel free to drop by my Facebook page to see larger versions of each photo.

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Rhonda said...

Oh yay! I was hoping there was going to more of these. I just love them all!

Heasleye said...

Awesome collage. Just brilliant!

Lori said...

Your blog is so great. I keep wanting to ask - how do you want those rectangles pop like that???

tearese said...

love the textured vertical one bottom right, and the bw vertical top right. But really I like them all. Fun stuff!

Skeller said...

Lori -
I create the collage in a program called Fotofusion (www.lumapix.com) that easily/automatically adds borders and drop shadows.

The same effect can be produced in Photoshop or PSE if you choose f/x and add drop shadow. OR if you create your blog post using Windows Live WRiter - it has a drop shadow feature.