December 11, 2009

Mischief is in the air ... Aliso Viejo Family Photographer

alternative title: The Four Minute Photoshoot*

Sister can't remain shy and hidden behind Puppy when Brother is on her case!



patopoff canyon 2



Not even kidding about the 4 minute session. The first picture shown was taken at 3:08:17. Last picture was at 3:12:10. So, less than 4 minutes ;-).

But, Leslie and I are both hard-core photographers [smirk], so of course, we didn't stop there, but continued on to our "official" destination ... [which I will post at some later date].

ps. Sadly, the balloons didn't make it all the way to the final destination.


Buh-bye, balloons. You were swell while you lasted.

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Leslie said...

I swear I just slithered out of bed just to check my blog reader for you....

and there they are.. my darlings.. in all of Susans amazing gifting.

I love the first collage so much, really shows them each so well... and Cade's new found spunk.

ok went back.. 1st collage second collage.. 2 other images.. I LOVE THEM....

and bady mommy me.. for letting go of the string... gulp.

Skeller said...

glad to make you squeal, my friend!

remember how I wasn't even going to touch these til January? yeah, I've pretty much got no restraint. ;-)

know which one of these *I* love? the big one in the 2nd collage. it's blurry and follows none of the
"rules" of composition. but I love it.

btw, every pic in the 2nd collage: processed only in LR!

Leslie said...

No restraint at all... hehe.
Oh yeah I love that one, Rylan looks exceptionally "sweet" which normally her look is more rambunctious... haha.

I love the one on the top right on that collage too... and my fav is
bottom right on the first collage...

cause we do that with them a lot, and they both are so happy.

thank you.. have I said that enough?

Leslie said...

quit selling me LR....
you stinker.

Skeller said...

it's just what a good friend does ...
sell you LR, that is. ;-)
c'mon. just put it on your Christmas list. you'll thank me forever.

Leslie said...

Christmas list.... whats that.
mine says things like..


have I mentioned how annoying it is having my neighbors see my every move.... yeah for new homeowners! :) LR has to wait.

is it bad of me to fill up your comments when its pictures of me... I think it might be...


we need to actually hang out ... (with no kids) so I can get my Susan fix.

Skeller said...

blinds, schminds. Don't you have some sheet lying around?? ;-)

Girl hang out time sounds fun to me!

kt said...

Hi Susan ... I have not left a comment for far too long!! :(

these shots are just gorgeous :)

I Love the colours, the baloons and all the fun playful shots!

what a honour to shoot such an adorable family :) said...

Oh what beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. I LOVE the balloons. I am eternally impressed. 4 minutes flat.

alpinekleins said...

I don't know about Leslie, but you just about have me sold on LR, those collages are gorgeous! I don't know if I can resist . . .


Rhonda said...

LOVE these!!
I love the picture waving goodbye to the balloons.
And 4 mins is pretty amazing.
I can't wait to see the REAL destination pics.

Unknown said...

I LOVED those green balloons Susan. Very, very pretty! This is the session you told me about right? The one you had such high hopes for... MAN! If only the weather would cooperate with us : )

Unknown said...

PS I just read the comments and laughed and smiled the whole way thru : ) I can't wait to try lightroom as soon as I get a computer with room on the memory for it : ) So excited. Can not hardly wait! And PS I agree! Sheets are great blinds : ) Who cares what the neighbors think. Cameras come first!

Skeller said...

KT - hi! thanks! it totally WAS an honor to shoot them. plus, they make my "job" super duper easy!

Kristin - don't resist. just buy it. you'll love it! Leslie will get around to it someday, and then she'll smack me because I didn't force her to do it earlier ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love your photos! One teensy little detail: please don't release balloons out into the open. They're really bad for animals who might find them and choke on them. Thanks!

Skeller said...

Dear Anon -
it wasn't an intentional letting-loose. apparently we didn't tie them down tightly enough, and the wind spirited them away. :-(