November 7, 2009





"In speaking of the peculiarities of Mono Lake, I ought to have mentioned that at intervals all around its shores stand picturesque turret-looking masses and clusters of a whitish, coarse-grained rock that resembles inferior mortar dried hard; and if one breaks off fragments of this rock he will find perfectly shaped and thoroughly petrified gulls' eggs deeply imbedded in the mass. How did they get there? I simply state the fact—for it is a fact—and leave the geological reader to crack the nut at his leisure and solve the problem after his own fashion." ~ Mark Twain's satirical commentary, Roughing It




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Tracy P. said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, so beautiful! I have never been here!...Feels like I have now tho' :) You need to come through Grant County and take our picture!..So much Beauty here, I can only imagine it in your hands and lens :)

Karin said...

Beautiful photos!!!

Annette said...

Beautiful. Clear, sharp. I was wondering, what lens did you use for these?

SKELLER said...


all my Mono Lake pictures were taken with the Canon 24-105mm lens.