November 6, 2009

Halloween on the Road...

Confession: I'm not crafty. Truly.

Plus, I'm mildly uninterested to downright unenthusiastic about Halloween in general.

Thus, the dudes are left to fend for themselves. Eldest Dude, with Sharpee pen in hand, took it upon himself to create this particular costume this year. I must admit, I really have no idea what the movie "9" is even about (none of us even saw it), but I can say this: Eldest Dude was quite well pleased with his creation, inspired by said movie.

9 costume

Now, lest I get hate mail ... allow me to reassure you that the dudes do not miss out the thrills of the sugar-high. Big Dude brought along a 5+ pound bag of chocolate goodies and the dudes trick or treated their way thru the trip. ;-)



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Life with Kaishon said...

If anyone ever sends you hate mail, I will have to give them a beat down!

Kat said...

My mom took Katie to see 9 while Michael and I were in Vegas. Katie says it is the best movie ever. I had never even heard of it before...and now she is conspiring to go and see it again so that I can bask in its brilliance!

Aunt Tea said...

"trick or treating through the trip" love it. this is the first year we didn't buy candy for ourselves. my kids are 17,19, 22 & 24!

Heasleye said...

Now that's my kind of Halloween! Brilliant!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Ok. I've never heard of the movie "9." I'll have to ask my kids. LOL

The best way to trick or treat? Skeller style!!! =)