October 27, 2009

Just hanging out ...

...the last of the torture sessions. For now. ;-)

rope playground

And yes, Littlest Dude did dress himself this day.

And for the photo tip: experiment with shooting "blind." For many of these images I was just holding the camera under the ropes and pressing the shutter without looking thru the viewfinder. It was fun to get back home and see what goofy shots I got.

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Jennifer Bowen said...

Your goofy shots are great! Your littlest dude dressed himself up quite well. He has a colorful fashion sense. =)

Here's a question for you: When shooting blind, do you set your aperture wide open or something narrower?


Tracy P. said...

Love the crops! In our world, Littlest Dude is perfectly coordinated.

Life with Kaishon said...

I think he looks fabulous! You are my favorite tortorer in the world!