January 26, 2009

First Stop Canyon Tour - Mather Point

Big Dude commandeered the camera to get a shot of me and the Dudes, but not before I ended up taking photos of these nice Canadians.


They'd driven way further than we had to "see" the Grand Canyon. They were good humored enough to laugh it off and say that it was a good excuse to return some day. In fact, they said it was better weather than they'd had recently at home. ;-)


Here we are. What? You can't really see us? Welcome to our experience!


Big Dude joked that at any moment a dragon could pop up out of the sea of clouds.




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Rhea said...

That is some major fog. I'd freak out, but oddly expect it, if a gigantic dragon popped out of that cloud.

theArthurClan said...

Okay...it's freaking me out seeing the Dudes so close to those railings (that was said while I'm trying to find a paper sack to breath into and stop my hyperventilating.) Serious fear of railings going on here!

(But the photos are lovely as always...minus the railings, of course.) ;)

Christi said...

Once again I'm in awe. You give me something to work towards. Beautiful as always.

JourneytoFamily said...

I love the dragon comment! Great pictures, even without the view!

Tracy P. said...

You are the only person I know who could have beautiful pictures of NOTHING!

Angie should be sure to never visit the Badlands in South Dakota. Talk about hyperventilating. I'm pretty sure I have post traumatic stress disorder from visiting there with toddlers. No railings. at. all.

Sharon (sk) said...

Oooo... I remember the Badlands..

Anyways... Beautiful foggy pics! :)

Teri said...

All that fog makes for a great non-distracting background. Not that that was what you were going for. :-)

SKELLER said...

Angie -
I completely understand. Heights make me a little woozy myself. Somehow, the fog/clouds did kind of make it a little bit more ok, for some weird reason. The next day, tho, when the sun peeked out - YIKES! Even some of the road felt horribly close to the edge...

Tracy -
Oooh, I'd like to see the Badlands. But, no rails?!?? Maybe I should stay away.

Teri - hehe. Yeah. Non-distracting. That's one way to put it!

tearese said...

yep....definitely looks like the last time Iwas there. And it was in JUNE, for my birthday one year! I was fine with all the fog, but my mom was really upset, and mad the whole time. Your pictures still turned out nice!

SKELLER said...

tearese - JUNE?!?! really?
It was such a silly, ironic situation that all I could was be amused. Plus when the canyon kept giving us hints to its presence, it was just so over-the-top cool and awe-inspiring.