October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Really. The drive to Julian really was all about the pie. But, that there was also a beautiful pumpkin patch, was a total bonus. An organic, pretty, pumpkin-still-on-the-vine, pumpkin patch filled with tiny little frogs. Super duper bonus. The boys were in heaven. And I was happy to have a beautiful, natural backdrop for our pumpkin gathering pictures. The pumpkin "patch" closest to home is the dumb "Pumpkin City" that is erected in the Sears parking lot, replete with amusement rides. ugh. I like this patch much better, thankyouverymuch.

Julian Pumpkin Patch3

Julian Pumpkin Patch1

Julian Pumpkin Patch2

Julian Pumpkin Patch1Julian Pumpkin Patch2
Julian Pumpkin Patch1Julian Pumpkin Patch2

Julian Pumpkin Patch1

Julian Pumpkin Patch2

Julian Pumpkin Patch3

Julian Pumpkin Patch1Julian Pumpkin Patch2Julian Pumpkin Patch3

Julian Pumpkin Patch1

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Kat said...

The place where we pick strawberries used to grow pumpkins, too. And you'd get clippers so that you could cut your own pumpkin from the vine. And it was so pretty because these purple morning glory vines were all intertwined with the pumpkin vines. But now that the girls are older, we haven't done pumpkin patching in forever.

Sharon (sk) said...

Love it!

Every year we go to a corn maze (on this huge farm) and spend the day. We get lost in the corn field, shoot corn cannons, go on a hay ride, have a picnic, pick wild flowers and pick out our pumpkins. I LOVE IT! We have done it every year for the past 10 years and the girls still look forward to it. Can't wait to go next weekend! :)

JourneytoFamily said...

What a charming pumpkin patch! Love the first picture with the sign and the cart. Also love the sunflower one. The frogs are very cool!

Heidi said...

Pumpkin City. Bwa-ha-ha!!!! I'll take the pumpkin patch on a farm any time. :) Speaking of which, we really need to do that!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day... pumpkins and apple pie!
Where I live, there are plenty of autumn showers, we never have a need to water the pumpkin patch. The black hoses in the second picture remind me to be grateful of things I take for granted. Ü

tearese said...

I love pumpkin patches! There was a great one in Snohomish WA near where we lived. I love the tiny frogs..I want one!

Rhea said...

AWesome photos! The backdrop was MUCH better than the Sears' parking lot. lol MUCH MUCH MUCH better.

I love the little frogs and Big Dude trying to look at magic-like with the pumpkin. Great photos!!!

We head to a pumpkin patch next week with Remy's first grade. I can't wait.

Teri said...

I'm afraid we'll be going to the pumpkin "patch" on the side of the road. I wish a real patch was closer. Great shots. Especially the ones with the shades.

Chelle said...

Wow that looks like fun...such amazing shots...as always. And thank you for the birthday wishes Susan...so dear of you to remember.

Brittney said...

Nothing better than spending a great fall day at the pumpkin patch!

judahmo said...

These are such fun photos! I especially like the one in front of the pumpkin patch sign. Priceless!

TMI said...

I love your site and listed it as one of my top 5 for the SITS blog-a-thon. Thanks for sharing the fab pix!