October 10, 2008

A Little Walking Tour thru Julian

We really were just there for the pie. But here are a couple sites along the way.

This is the old Miner's Diner. Built in 1886. Supposedly the oldest, still operational, soda fountain in CA.

Of course, we had to swing by jail. And threaten to leave a couple, or three, boys.


Here's a building I just thought looked interesting.


Oh. So this is why it was so stinkin' busy the day we went. Had we known, we probably would have waited for a different day. I'm NOT fond of crowds. Incidentally, Frommer's asserts that the fruit in Julian has proven to be more of an economic boom than gold ever was.

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Sharon (sk) said...

You just made my day! I LOVE Julian. My husband had to go to San Diego three times a little over a year ago for business. He was there for two weeks each time. My in-laws were nice enough to keep the kids so that I could fly out there each time for a week. Anyhow, we went to Julian for the day. WE LOVED IT! We had apple turnovers, apple ciders, REAL soda fountain drinks, shopped the antique stores and just enjoyed the beautiful little town and people. I miss it. :)

Teri said...

The jail shots are hilarious. And I know what you mean by leaving a couple. hehe

JourneytoFamily said...

Well I think you've sold me on Julian. We are going to have to take a road trip there sometime. The jail looks like fun!

SKELLER said...

What a treat! I've not gone in any of the stores there ... boys and shopping just does NOT mix. ;-)

tearese said...

mmm pie. I want to visit!

Rhea said...

I'm not fond of crowds either. I tend to avoid them. I think I'm anti-social too.

Love the pictures of the boys in front of the jail cells. lol

Lisawa said...

I LOVE that place! A bakery at the end of town makes THE BEST pie I have ever tasted....

We went on a mine tour last time we were down.... the kids loved it... me... not so much... I was glad to be back above ground and see the sun.... thank you very much.... it juts felt safer... hehehe