September 9, 2008

Summer Randomness Round-up.

My Mom rallied the boys to participate in a reading program to benefit the library system and animal shelter of friends of hers in New York. (note: The Middle Dude SO didn't want to take pictures this particular evening. argh!)



See the hummingbird?

Doorstep Doggie Dude.

A Spider and his Shadow. Creepy.

Skateboard Fun in the Evening.


The Eldest Dude, helping me while I practice different exposures.
Saturday Mornings1

The Littlest Dude in all his upside-down glory...
Saturday Mornings1Saturday Mornings3Saturday Mornings3

Sad to see Summer go. Except for the spiders and ants. Those can't go away soon enough!

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Lisawa said...

Beautiful, as always.... I like how middle dud is looking away in both pictures w/ the orange shirt...

The hummingbird picture is one of my favorites w/ what you shared... amazing shot! Those little guys are never still for long.... *Ü*


Kat said...

Oh, I love the spider and shadow. Very cool. Our garden spider that was hanging out by our front door has departed.

And love those shirts. Are those from the library? The reading programs here are not interesting. You might get a bookmark for participating.

KathyJo said...

Gah, offer warnings before posting pics of spiders, please!

I have to say, I'm both disappointed and happy that you haven't gotten an awesome close-up shot of a hummingbird. Disappointed because I'd love to see it, and happy because I haven't been able to get one at all, so a really awesome close-up shot would do nasty things to my self-esteem. :D

SKELLER said...

You and I would both already have an awesome hummingbird image in our arsenal if only we were properly attired with that bad-boy 70-200mm 2.8 lens. You gotta have the correct equipment ... that's MY repeated story, told to my husband's rolling eyes. ;-)

JourneytoFamily said...

I too am sad to see summer go. I held on as long as I could...

I don't really like spiders, but that's a cool spider picture.

Tena said...

more great pictures! I cringed at the spider one though! eek!!
My boys love hanging upside down on the sofa the same way

KathyJo said...

Yep. Just like I keep telling myself (and Ernie) that I could get pictures as good as yours if only I had your camera, LOL. I'm really going to have to start working on my excuse for when I do get a good digital SLR. ;) Although, since we're about to replace the stove, and the refrigerator, and possibly the washer and dryer, I think I have plenty of time to work on my excuse. :) Ah, that's it! It will be your level of experience with the camera! :D

Rhea said...

I love all those photos except the spider. That I could have done without!

Adorable orange shirt photos and silly boy poses.