June 1, 2008

Today is my dear Daddy's birthday!...

... his three score and fifteen year birthday. That's three-quarters of a CENTURY birthday!! And he's still a mover and a shaker and a deal-maker!! Here he is at the beach, while on our pre-dinner walk, deftly handling all his birthday well-wisher calls :-D


Here's the cool tunnel that lets you pass under Pacific Coast Hwy to get to the beach. I'll claim as family all the people on the right of the photo.


And here's the garage wall we built him as a surprise for his birthday (you're all really quite jealous, aren't you?). Now all of Mom & Dad's crap extra stuff is hidden behind the wall and Dad has his dream, spic-n-span garage.


Happy Birthday, Dad. Hope you've enjoyed your "special day."

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Rhea said...

Happy Birthday to Susan's dad!! He looks great.

Sounds like you guys had a nice celebration and I love his new wall. lol

Kat said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! Don't we all need a wall to hide our crap? :-)

gekke mum said...

now mom has a dry basement/garage and dad has a pretty & clean one! simple pleasures 'eh?

*Ü* Lisawa said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to your dad... I agree w/ Kat... hehehe I know i need one!