June 2, 2008

Gone Kayak'n...

Dear Friends invited us to join them for a day of kayaking. It was sooo much fun. We launched at the Newport Aquatic Club (doesn't that sound shi-shi?!?) and kayaked our way thru the back bay on out to Balboa Island where we enjoyed ice cream - lunch of the champions!! And then we returned (I was so very glad the tide/current was going our way, cause my arms were DONE, and I'm hurtin' even as I'm typin').



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Kat said...

Yes,very shi-shi. I had no idea that was how you spelled that! Have you ever seen the TV show "Weeds?" About a SoCal mom whose husband dies unexpectedly...and she turns to dealing "weed" to maintain the family lifestyle? It's hilarious...but I was watching today...thinking...hey...that looks like Susan's neighborhood :-)

Debbie said...

Hi Susan, while you were kayaking I was helping my daughter work on her animal report for school. No Fair. Only two more weeks until we are homework free!!!

Rhea said...

Cool photos! I've never been kayak'n. It looks like fun...and hard work on the arms.

Kat, my hubby LOVES Weeds. We don't get Showtime anymore, so I'm thinking we should renew our Netflix subscription for the summer to get caught up on shows.

Leslie said...

ohhh thats were we kayak too.... so fun, we go with Nicks twin a lot, but yeah the arms pay for it dearly!!... a fun day none the less...
looking forward to our lunch

SKELLER said...

Kat -
I don't know if that's actually how you spell it or not! I haven't seen Weeds (but I've got Netflix, so maybe I'll give it a shot - tho, if it's anything like the Housewives of OC, I don't think I can stomach it...). Yup, Socal suburbia ... it all looks remarkably the same.

Debbie -
we're done with school as of last Friday - WOOHOO!!!!

Rhea -
it IS fun. if you ever get the chance, take it!

Leslie -
you could have knocked me over with a feather that the whole place was free of charge. no parking fee. no launching fee. no shower fee. no clean-up fee. no annual fee. you need a life jacket? here, use one of ours and help yourself to some sunscreen. WHAT!!!??? I couldn't believe I was actually in CA anymore. Who knew.?

Kat said...

Not having seen the OC or the Housewives of...I can't compare. I found it hilarious...but then again, I have an off kilter sense of humor. Get it from Netflix...it's a half hour show...you don't like it...move on. You do...you have to let me know your hooked on weed :-)

Oh, and Rhea...there is one episode where the main character's brother-in-law gets arrested for posession...and they are talking to his lawyer (played by Allison Janey of West Wing and Finding Nemo fame)...and she is handing out the most hilarious advice about the "grey" marijuana laws in California. So...did you not watch it with your DH?

Rhea said...

Kat - (Sorry, Susan, for hijacking your blog to talk to Kat) I did watch a few episodes of Weeds with hubby. It was hilarious. I enjoyed it, but was never really able to watch it with him because I was always putting the kids to sleep or falling asleep myself when he decided to watch it. We just never worked it out for some reason. Weird, I know.