May 24, 2008

Words cannot begin to describe the beauty of this day.

Scrabble Bokeh1Scrabble Bokeh2
Scrabble Bokeh3Scrabble Bokeh4

Scrabble Bokeh5

Of course, the day after this beach extravaganza, the weather totally changed, and we've had clouds, wind and sporadic rain ever since. Weird weather here. But for that day? Glorious.

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tearese said...

isn't that nice when you pick just the right day to go out!

Kat said...

That water is gorgeous! What is the water like on the Pacific coast? On the me's cold and kinda murky. On the gulf, it's like bath water and a beautiful clear green...

*Ü* Lisawa said...

Oh thats so nice! We were going to go surfing today but our coast line is flat as a pancake!! :(

We had good weather so far, but today its cloudy and a little chilly.