May 23, 2008

Anyone in the mood for a little Scrabble?

A dear friend called out of the blue desiring a friendly game of Scrabble ... at the beach. Here's my opening move (bonus 50pts!!) and the board at the end (for those who care about these details...)


And here's the view from where we were playing.


It's a rough life here in SoCal.

(ps. Photography note: these were taken with our small p&s camera (and spiffed up with Lightroom). Because we were hauling down 2 chairs, a table, an icebox, an umbrella, sand toys, and the game, I didn't feel like additionally juggling the big camera.)

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Kat said...

I am so very bad at scrabble. Mostly because I don't think strategically. And my best words are two and three letter ones. It's pathetic

*Ü* Lisawa said...

Oh man.. I wanna come play... please?? How beautiful!

And uh... I dont feel sorry for you one bit! To much fun their in So Cal... *Ü*


Heidi said...

Whaaa! I want to come play! I am so very jealous. After a cold and awful spring, we had three days of 90 degree weather and now we're back to rain and cold. It's not fair, I tell ya. :)

bunchofbull-ers! said...

Two of my favs....Scrabble and the beach! Oh, how I'd love that!
Just dropped in from Miss Booshay's Meme. Saw you grew up in San Jose, I grew up in Fremont!


Rhea said...

Impressive first word bonus! Looks like y'all had a nice game going. Love the words. I think every game of Scrabble must have the word "zoo" in it. lol I was impressed with most of your combinations though.

And, you just totally suck. Scrabble on the beach?! How awesome is that. I'm just totally jealous how close you are to such beautiful views.

SKELLER said...

Kat - I hear ya. I can make words. But I'm not great at combining words with putting the right tiles on the right squares for the best scores.

Lisa - Come on down!!

And Heidi, you can join us :-)

Welcome, Bunchofbull-ers! :-)

Rhea - not too shabby a board for the number of distractions we had going (y'know, had to keep the kiddos from drowing while we were playing ;-)