May 8, 2008

Stick Farm

[note: images & content today are contributed by The Big Dude. And he did such a good job, I might let him make guest appearances in the future, too ;-) ]

IMG_2050Stick Farm
IMG_2049Stick Farm

Have you ever been to Home Depot? Maybe Lowes? Ever wonder where they get all those sticks to sell? Wonder no more…they grow them on a ‘Stick Farm’. Anyone who has driven the 5 between Oceanside and San Clemente, CA has probably seen this one pictured above…Acres and acres of sticks… The uniform arrangement of evenly spaced rows and columns is mesmerizing as you drive by. My husband says that the on-shore breeze and year-round sunshine make this the ideal location for growing sticks of this size. He says that this variety is too big to be used for popsicles and too small to be used in construction so they will probably be used to prop up tomato plants or bell peppers or something…and he’s usually real smart about these kinds of things.

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Rhea said...

Ok, I hope I don't come across as totally stupid, but you're kidding...right? There's no such thing as a stick farm...right?

I like oldest Dude's pictures. Great job!

(There's no such thing as a stick farm, right?!!)

SKELLER said...

Yup, Rhea, kidding. That's how the Big Dude keeps the little Dudes on their toes!!

Rhea said...

ROFL You can tell Big Dude that he's keeping me on my toes too. I half-believed him...not really...but then I start to doubt myself...hehe I mean, all those sticks have to come from somewhere, right? A stick farm makes sense. (big grin)

I'm going to try this on my boys.

Kat said...

I love the stick farm. I bet they have chocolate milk cows there too.

Irene said...

OK. I'm sitting here thinking I've driven that route many times before and I don't remember a stick farm ... then it hit me ... joke! I feel sort of silly right about now :o)

Mama Peep said...

I can't stop laughing!!!! Your big dude and my big dude would get along just great. You should hear the things he tells the peeps!!!



tearese said...

ha ha.

Leslie said...

silly guy.... tell him great job on the photos.