May 16, 2008



Orange, a close relative of red, sparks more controversy than any other hue. There is usually strong positive or negative association to orange and true orange generally elicits a stronger "love it" or "hate it" response than other colors.

So, do you love it? Or hate it?

I admit: I'm a little partial to it. :-)

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Kat said...

I *hate* in orange clothes. On me. Just me. But...for is one of my absolute favorites.

Rhea said...

I feel similar to Kat. I hate orange clothes on me, but love them on others. And, being part of a big UT Longhorn fan family, burnt orange is a HUGE favorite around here. lol

I LOVE orange flowers...especially orange and red flowers mixed. said...

Have to say I don't like orange. Ok, at all. I don't even really go for yellow or red (which are what make up orange, now that I think of it...).

Give me purple, pink, lilac, fuchsia, lavender, periwinkle, electric blue, teal, robin's egg blue, aqua, and rose...the closest I will go to orange is peach or coral, thanks!

But I love you and your blog! :-)

SKELLER said...

Katherine -
This aversion to orange totally makes sense - it's the opposite (on the color wheel) of purple, the color that fills your soul with joy. :-)

tearese said...

orange has become one of my favorite colors in the last few years, though I used to think it was horrid. Love the picture.

Willa said...

I like orange -- I didn't care for it much when I was younger. I even like some orange clothes. But some of it depends on what color it is next to. It seems to make things look horrible if it's out of place.