May 3, 2008

His Name is Sticky.

Life with Boys.

Because the Big Dude rescued him from a glue-y rat trap at work. And, oh yeah ... that cricket was not long for this world.

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Lisa said...

What a great name, Sticky! Dd wants to know if Sticky is a lizard, snake, or skink. We can't tell from the pic. :-) She's into this kind of stuff, big-time!

SKELLER said...

He (she?)'s an alligator lizard. Easy to keep - no need for heat lamps, etc. Just wants a steady supply of crickets.

Kat said...

I love the name! Are these my non-beautiful pictures? Cute lizard...but all I can think about is that your husband's work needs rat traps. Yuck...

SKELLER said...

Yup, Kat - these are your not-beautiful pics :-) And yeah ... about the rat traps? This particular one was right next to the secretary, who was about as thrilled with a lizard visitor as she would have been a rat. ehehe.

Mama Peep said...


I am sorry! I had a girl moment. My boys want to keep things I have to feed live things to and I jsut can;t do it. I continue to offer them a cactus as a pet but they are not going for it.

Great name though!