April 19, 2008

The Rocks. It's all about the Rocks.

And the Sky. The Sky was pretty amazing, too. Joshua Tree cont...


The Big Dude and the Eldest Dude climbed this incredibly steep rock - quite the accomplishment for the Eldest!


Hmmm, I bet the view from up on top would have made a nice picture. But climbing's not my thing. I don't do heights. I take pictures from the ground floor. ;-)

Here's the view from back in the truck where we all waited while the BD & the ED made the very long descent.

So, the campsites were full, but we played in the park til we ran out of light. Then we drove out by moonlight and headed into Palm Springs for the night.

And I'm happy to report that I picked up my mac late this afternoon. Woohoo! I can stop twitching now. And get back to those photos from last week...

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Rhea said...

Glad you got your mac back! That was one amazingly steep rock, I'm impressed.

Beautiful sky photos! Gorgeous place.

Donna Boucher said...

Oh Susan!!! Your pictures are really stunning!
I think you are a color girl too...cause you really do something magical with those skies!!!


Kat said...

Magical is a great word to describe these! I can't imagine climbing that rock. I'd skid down for sure!