April 18, 2008

No Room at the Inn...

About this time last week, this is what we encountered at Joshua Tree. See those sad, sad countenances?




Ok, so it's not totally true that there was no room at the Inn, because the Holiday Inn in Indian Wells did indeed have a room for us ... and breakfast in the morning which included yummy cinnamon rolls. The Big Dude quipped that food always tastes better on a camping trip. :-) Before we headed out of the park and into Palm Springs, we did some more climbing and I took some neat moon/mountain pictures; but those photos are all stuck in my mac which is stuck in the shop which still hasn't begun the work to fix it. argh. But I'm not bitter or anything. pffft.

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Rhea said...

Sorry to hear about the mac. Hope it's fixed soon. Love the pictures, of course, especially the campground full with your family's sad faces. lol

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

I would soooo be grieving my Mac. I would weep. Buckets.

So... guess what I bought because of you?!

Kat said...

The mac is still at the doctor? I had a new hard drive installed yesterday...but I was only without mine for an afternoon. Bitter is okay :-)

Leslie said...

seriously whenever my baby goes to the dr. its only a couple hours, okay now S pitch a fit... :)

nice chatting the other day, well have to plan an outing soon. Im pretty sure its my turn to come up with something, but as usual, the brain is empty.

SKELLER said...

Breathing deeply and contentedly ... 'puter is back on my desk after 3 days' absence. Y'know, the kicker is: we delayed taking it in til the part was ordered. Last night when I called, they still hadn't even begun work on it. grrrrrr. Oh well. I'm just happy to have it back.