April 3, 2008

More Boy Behavior at the Beach


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Rhea said...

I always enjoy boy behavior...from afar! lol Just kidding. How far from the beach are you? (me, a six or seven hour drive, and it's not a pretty beach at that!)

Kat said...

I know, I know...the grass is always greener! But...I love that you are in such a beautiful area. That the end of your drive is so scenic. That a gorgeous beach is so close. I need to venture down to our creek more to see if I can drive up your angst in return :-)

SKELLER said...

Rhea -
it's just a short 15 minute drive down to the beach. It's too bad our canyon doesn't have trails all the way thru, otherwise it would just be a 2 mile walk to the beach :-).

Kat - speaking of greener grass ... you look out your bedroom window and see trees & creek and NOT homes. Here in OC suburbia (with 3 million residents!), I look out on a beautiful canyon AND homes. not complainin', mind you. Just sayin'.... ;-)

gekke mum said...

but at least it's appropriate boy behavior - throwing the sand at the ocean and NOT at mommy & her camera!

Lisa said...

I absolutely love the second pic where he is tossing the stones. What a wonderful composition. The movement of that serpentine line just draws you in. You have a great eye for composition. They all look fab together too.

Your photos are so inspiring!