April 4, 2008

The Flower Fields of Carlsbad

I apologize in advance for the plethora of ranunculus I will pepper throughout this blog ... for the rest of the year!! Yes, the fields were THAT beautiful. And I took lots and lots and lots of photos. So did my darling friend, Leslie, who spontaneously joined my spontaneous photo trip of the day (she already posted a slew of them over at her blog - go see!).

The Flower Fields - Carlsbad

The Flower Fields - Carlsbad

The Flower Fields - Carlsbad

More photos to follow in days to come...

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Rhea said...

I love oranges, red and yellows together...one of my favorite color combinations. I may have to buy some of your photos for my walls. So gorgeous to look at.

What a fun spontaneous trip!

Carolyn said...

Aaaah. Once upon a time those stretched from Ponto all the way down to LaJolla, if I remember aright. Then Car Country moved in, and cities grew up, and they shrank and shrank.

I love ranunculi.


SKELLER said...

Rhea -
Thanks! You're always so encouraging. The fields are neat - the split the flowers into sections - red, orange, yellow, white, pink, burgundy, purple, and variegated. They're beyond amazing to behold.

Carolyn - I would have loved to see the fields then. Now they're down to about 50 acres, but still seem to go on forever when one is standing in the middle of them :-)

Kat said...

Oh...so, so pretty. So...what exactly is this place? The only "fields" of flowers that I know of (besides the botanical gardens) is our state DOT has a wildflower project ...they are planted in the medians of the highways. They are really pretty...but not in a place where I could pull over to take pictures.

Rhea said...

Susan, I'm want to use one of your photos on my blog today...and I would credit you for it, of course...if you don't mind me using it?

SKELLER said...

Sure thing, Rhea. Let me know if you need code. I can get it to you.

Kiera said...

I found you via Rhea...

I've been to this flower field in Carlsbad CA (although I think we called it strawberry fields) and I remember LOVING it! These pictures are gorgeous. Starting tomorrow is a tulip festival here in my town and Im going to photograph the flowers as well. I hope my pictures look as lovely as yours!

By the way, good job snapping pictures of the kids in the flowers...I mean really, they are just flowers. The kiddies make them look so much prettier.