April 15, 2008

Again I assert: Parks didn't look like this when I was a kid.

Laguna Beach - Bluebird Canyon
Parks didn't look like this when I was a kid.




My computer's heading into the "doctor's office" tonight for some repairs. I'll probably try to post tomorrow's stuff this afternoon, and hopefully will have more Joshua Tree photos on Friday. Happy Tax Day ... or not. :-P

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Leslie said...

where the heck is this park?

SKELLER said...

oops, I meant to say... it's in Laguna Beach, off Bluebird Canyon road. Actually, Leslie, if the waterpark is a no-go for any reason, this park would be a great back-up plan for a certain upcoming polka-dot party...

Rhea said...

Wow, I've never seen a park like that. You could nickname that the Tower of Babble. lol

I think everything in your world is just much clearer than in mine. That's the only explanation for your awesome photography! hehe

Sorry your 'puter's going to the doctor.

Kat said...

My computer is about to go away too. I have too many pics on it and need a new hard drive. Luckily I have a few others to choose from...but they are not in the kitchen where I am :-)

gekke mum said...

i choose "not" - and on your word verification, my last 2 letters were "mf"...coincidence? i think not!

SKELLER said...

I feel your pain. We even had to pay on the Middle Dude's college fund - and it ended flat for the year!! stoopid taxes.