March 13, 2008

Pink Gerbera

Pink Gerbera

Pink Gerbera

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Kat said...

Between you and Pioneer picture bug is getting bigger. Do you use a macro lense to take these? Who knew that blogging could create such expensive habits? :-)

Melissa said...

Your photos are just amazing. I am so glad I dropped in to see! I have been waiting (pining, actually) to buy a better camera and your photos make me want to get one NOW! :)

SKELLER said...

How fun - was I just referred to in the same sentence as Pioneer Woman?!?!?

Kat - Yes, a macro lens - the Canon 100mm 2.8. And the equation is even more expensive than the lens ... I can't handhold this particular lens; I have to use a tripod (which is fairly typical, I think, of macro work). And I totally agree with you about blogging creating expensive habits - I didn't *need* lenses til I started visiting Pioneer Woman ;-)

Melissa - thanks! Y'know, I can't rave highly enough about the Canon Rebel as a place to begin SLR camera work. Tho, if you prefer Nikon, a good friend of mine raves equally about her D40 (the Rebel equivalent).

Tina said...

That is so beautiful!