March 11, 2008

My Dudes...

Huck Finn, I presume? Beach Boy

We're supposed to LOVE one another.

We're *supposed* to love each other.

This is what my littlest Dude has begun saying when his older brothers aren't treating him so nice. :-)

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Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Oh...I love your new look! That one column is great for pictures. And the black and white with the color - divine! One day...I will learn photoshop...or maybe just how to take better photos :-)

Skeller said...

Thanks, Kat!
It was *your* blog that first excited me with the idea of having Darcy make mine into something beautiful!

Rhea said...

Beautiful photos! (cute kids too!)

Leslie said...

beautified is right.. its lovely over here.. :)