August 10, 2018

Meanwhile, back in SoCal ... FIRE!

They called the flood in Kauai the "100 Year Flood".  In our neighborhood, they called this the "100 Year Fire" (not because of size or scope, but because our canyon hadn't burned in 100 years).  Our canyon probably could have resisted natural catastrophe even longer if not for some kid playing with fire.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  You will see that our emergency responders were AMAZING.  Firefighters, tanker planes, helicopters, bulldozers ... all amazing.  Not a single building burned.  They stayed on site for a week after.  They patrolled (from rim & helicopter) for another week after that.  Cameras installed at strategic spots for future continual overseeing.

View from our backyard, 1:30pm, June 2.  (note: all pics iPhone)

Not much distracts the dude from his writing ...

It was about this time when the sheriff department began evacuating our neighborhood.  (evacuation was lifted about 4 hours later).  

The morning after ... what the hills looked like (a little charred and fire-retardant-red).  
And what our streets looked like (a constant - WELCOME - parade of firetrucks).

A few days later, when we resumed our usual walk-the-dog-dude around the university ...

One week after the fire.  The canyon was re-opened to hikers, bikers, etc.  I was so happy to see the old historic ranch fencing still stood!

Anywhooo, summary story:  kids playing with fire in dry canyon = bad.  Firefighters = awesome.
So grateful this fire was contained as effectively as it was.  

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