August 6, 2018

Huali Lani Komohana, May 2018 miscellany

In May we had College Graduate Dude and Little Dude along for the labor, errrr, adventure.  Middle Dude had finals to deal with, so we left him to it.  This is our first time back post-flood and required some jumping thru govt hoops to get a pass to join the convoy over the closed highway.  We knew we had scads of deferred yardwork to attend to, in addition to addressing the needs of the broken driveway, a bridge project underway, and hopes we would be able to finish painting the house (which would be nice, but doesn't fall in line with the tyranny of the urgent to-do list).

Big Dude's new toy tool.  Assembled and ready-to-go.

Scads of yardwork is an understatement.  SCADS.  

These tiny purple flowers may be pretty, but they're an invasive weed.  WHACK.


SCADS of Mowing.  Note: mower always needs battery jump-started...

Exploring.  The flood moved around a bunch of boulders, sent all kinds of debris downstream, and cleared the banks of plants. (bonus for us: no need to whack path back)

Giant Albezia tree downed.

Screen time...

Tree tent time ...

A brief ... ever so brief ... walk out to the pier before jumping back into the evening convoy line (the evening convoy is the only "short loop" roundtrip into Hanalei for quickie grocery runs, 80min).  The first couple weeks after the flood, there was no ocean under the pier because so much silt had washed out onto the beach from the river.  Even in May, the water level at the end of the pier was too shallow to jump off the pier and into the water.

A spot of not-rainy-time, so Big Dude pulled out the saw to cut more batten.

tbc ...

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