May 30, 2018

in other news ... iphoneography

On New Year's Eve, my LG G4 phone/camera died a sudden, horrible, badly-timed death. Badly timed as in right-immediately-after-I-compiled-my-2017-1SE-video-slideshow and *before* I uploaded to my computer.  Badly timed as in no other phones were remotely running a "sale" on Jan 1st, so it was an expensive time for my phone to die.

I ended up replacing my LG G4 with an iPhone 7+.  I have a like-Hate relationship with it (the camera firstly, the phone as a whole secondly).

I like ... that it takes pretty pictures.
I like ... that the video snippets work seamlessly and easily with 1SE app.
I LOVE ... the frame-by-frame viewing capability of videos.
I like ... having two camera focal lengths.
I like ... having airdrop to share pictures with other iPhoners in close proximity.

I dislike ... that it does weird things with skin tones.
I dislike ... that it doesn't really let me shoot macro (except by cropping afterwards or adding aftermarket lens).

I HATE ... the 4:3 aspect ratio.
I HATE ... that there's no easy way to file share with my family, who have not-iPhones.
I hate ... that the camera roll chronology scrolling is opposite all other phone camera rolls.
I HATE ... that iPhone forces me into its proprietary picture file folder structure (ie. ppl, places, portrait, etc.). 
I Hate ... that I have to scroll past iPhone's meaningless file folder categories to get to the file folders I actually create and use.
I HATE ... that iPhone picture file folders can't be deleted or moved.
I hate ... that I can't move pictures from (*and out of*) the camera roll into other files I create.
I HATE-ABHOR-DESPISE ... the very complicated and un-user-friendly process to upload pictures from my iPhone to my PC computer.

Conclusion:  I hope my iPhone lasts a good long time.  Because it was expensive. But when it does die, I will NOT be replacing it with another iPhone.


CountryMouse said...

It's funny how you get used to a phone and its capabilities. I haven't jumped on the iphone bandwagon, happy with my much cheaper purchases, although I need to do the hone buying thing again soon, ugh. You never know what they are really going to be like until you have used them daily.

Tracy P. said...

Holy moly!!! SICK about the 2017 1SE video! Sorry you hate your iPhone. But pretty pictures, yes!!

Anita Johnson said...

I have an iPhone because so many in my family do. Some of your issues are fixable....some aren’t. I still miss my big took great pictures!