July 13, 2017

1 Second Everyday: Jan-Feb 2017 edition

Better late than never, eh?  Way back in the new year, Middle Dude had a "man bun" (it's gone now, btw) and College Kid was home between semesters.  He got a new [to him] Soul [car, that is] and slept in. A Lot.  My always annual Christmas cards became New Year's cards.  There was weather and bodypump and crafts. We celebrated my big 5-0 and went to Hawaii.  There was weather there, too.  February included life mundane-ness & minutia plus a super neato trip to El Paso to visit Julie and her girls with roadtrips to Carlsbad Caverns & White Sands NM.

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Tracy P. said...

I don't think I knew you were finally hitting the half century mark this year! That was so five years ago. ;-) Loved "Little" Dude's Valentine and the photo bomber at the club. Do you guys go to the card section and show each other the cards you've picked out for them and then put them back? Is Big Dude still pondering the property? Are you gonna come to Minnesota for your winter trip this year? We go outside in short spurts I promise, except on the really nice days when it hits the 20s or so. So fun! Or else come when it's hot in SoCal. ;-)