November 1, 2016

The Getty. By Night.

Goshdarnit if The Getty isn’t something pretty special by evening-night time…

Getty by Night-1Getty by Night-2Getty by Night-3Getty by Night-4Getty by Night-5Getty by Night-6Getty by Night-7Getty by Night-8Getty by Night-9Getty by Night-10Getty by Night-11

Munch forgot the Screamer in this next one, so I filled in the gap…

Getty by Night-12

Hey, the LA sky doesn’t look too different than the Munch sky!

Getty by Night-13Getty by Night-14Getty by Night-15Getty by Night-16Getty by Night-17

Sometimes I take portraits of cacti.  And sometimes Big Dude takes pics of me taking pics.

Getty by Night-18Getty by Night-19Getty by Night-20

Inside/Outside Double reflection …

Getty by Night-21

Big Dude the Model; life imitating art.

Getty by Night-22

Even the bathroom is artsy-ish.  (glad for my silent shutter!)

Getty by Night-23Getty by Night-24

Big Dude, camouflaged, blending in with art.

Getty by Night-25Getty by Night-26Getty by Night-27Getty by Night-28Getty by Night-29Getty by Night-30

Ending, right back where we began.  Btw, just for the record … it was about 100* in this parking garage.

Getty by Night-31


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice tour of that art building.
Have enjoyed your blog for a long time, and the
only exposure, I get to such nice things is through
your blog.
So fun to see your whole family together, out
enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Your boys are so handsome , and I love their
curly hair!
I am a senior who doesn't travel much;at all!
So. cal freeways always scared the c--- out of me,
Thank you again....missed the dog this time :o)
mm, age 70,vancouver,wa.

Papa and Nana said...

Oh, yes. We liked visiting this place. On this tour I especially liked the "Scream" and Big Dude's artistic colorful geometric shirt!! Does that say anything about my "inner artist"?)

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

There were so many great things about this post. I can't believe how the boys are growing. The afro is pretty fabulous on middle dude!

100 degrees? I can't bear the thought. It is a lovely 62 here in Pennsylvania this morning.

I miss you. Thank you for making me laugh. XO

Anita Johnson said... these...the Scream is a favorite....

Tracy P. said...

1. It was mighty magnanimous of you to help Munch out. Much improved.
2. Big Dude makes awesome art.
3. Did he plan his wardrobe choice for that?
4. Good grief, Little Dude is now Little Man. Crazy.
5. My favorite art there is Kellers on the train. Love.