November 28, 2016

Technicolor Dreamy :: Orange County Family Photography

So many fabulous puzzle pieces had to fall in place for this session to happen.  Firstly, Big Rey had to fly home from the Middle East to surprise his girls.  Then Big Rey had to be surprised by “Little” Rey who was home between fort transfers.  Then they all had to drive out to SoCal for Thanksgiving with family, along with a drive to the Pacific so I could take pictures.  And finally, the morning rainstorm had to pass and leave behind lovely clouds just to add the cherry on top of all the specialness:  this family, all together, safe & sound, full of love.

orange county family photographer-1orange county family photographer-2

The waves were dogging us the whole time at this particular beach.  Not that the girls minded.  Their motto:  these boots were made for splashing…

orange county family photographer-3

… and for dancing. Of course.

orange county family photographer-4

Oh, these lovely rocks?  I had awesome visions of “Riveras on Rocks” in my head before we arrived.  The waves had a different vision.  No rocks for us this time.

orange county family photographer-5orange county family photographer-6

Funny aside, with a little bit of background:  Julie and I met way back in the early days of I Heart Faces.  She’s an amazingly talented photographer who takes the most delightful, intimate pictures of her family’s day-to-day living, the kinds of pictures I wish I’d known how to take when my own dudes were young.  Anywhooo, girl knows her way around a camera.  Which is why it was so funny when Julie asked me my f/stop settings out at the beach, and when I replied f/8 or f/11, she was more than just a little incredulous at what she considered my unorthodox aperture choices.  I matter-of-factly explained to her that there was a big landscape around her that I was trying to keep in the image. (grin)

orange county family photographer-7orange county family photographer-8orange county family photographer-10orange county family photographer-9

The waves were unrelenting enough at Beach 1 that we hightailed it to Beach 2 …

orange county family photographer-11

… where “Little” Rey was not opposed to jumping in the frame with total strangers.

orange county family photographer-12orange county family photographer-13orange county family photographer-14
Oh, and if you didn't already notice, Julie is kinda stunning. And she's largely missing from her own family photos (for obvious reasons, usually behind the lens).  Thus, my only real goal for this session was to put Julie in just about every frame I took.  Goal accomplished.

orange county family photographer-21orange county family photographer-15orange county family photographer-16orange county family photographer-17orange county family photographer-18

Rey & Julie’s darling daughters have perfected what they appropriately call the “Power Pose.”  Take note:  Power Pose 1.

orange county family photographer-19

And Power Pose 2.

orange county family photographer-20

Power Pose 3?

orange county family photographer-22orange county family photographer-23orange county family photographer-24orange county family photographer-25orange county family photographer-26

This is perhaps the best “Power Pose” of all.  In fact, not a pose.  Just sisters.  Best Sisters Forever.  BSF.

orange county family photographer-27orange county family photographer-28orange county family photographer-29

Whoops.  Looks like the waves are going to dog us here, too!

orange county family photographer-30orange county family photographer-31orange county family photographer-32orange county family photographer-33orange county family photographer-34

Riveras, it was truly my honor and pleasure to dodge the waves and share a sunset with you all.


Julie Rivera said...

I have scrolled through about five times. Stopping at different images each time, seeing something new, smiling again, savoring the beauty of your talent. Susan, words cannot adequately express my appreciation for these portraits. Thank you for sharing your time with us! These will long be cherished! (And I think you could pull a mean Power Pose if you ever needed it. You know, to intimidate biology students who are protecting tidal pools or the like... :) )

Skeller said...

So happy you're happy. I totally think I could pull off a Power Pose - your girls are terrific teachers!!

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

Skeller! And Julie! 2 of my all time favorite girls. What a beautiful session of a beautiful family.
I love seeing all the kids together. I am so proud of little Rey for working hard and achieving his dreams. He is a great kid!

The girls and their power poses always make me smile.

Julie and Rey and the love. So fabulous.

You made my day. XO XO XO

Lisa Halbert said...

I started following you both a few years ago - I think I found you on I heart faces? I have loved watching how you both document your families as it has been inspiring as a photographer. And I think it is absolutely fantastic that you did a photo shoot of the Riveras - one of those small things that made my day to see one photographer take care of another. Nicely done!

Skeller said...

Lisa -
Thanks for the kind words. It was a great treat for me to get to meet Julie's family!!

Tracy P. said...

Oh my goodness. This is priceless. And beautiful. I think maybe the waves knew just what they were doing. No surprise that you managed to take advantage! I am sure they are thankful beyond words this year.

Anita Johnson said...

These pictures are just beautiful...wondering which one (or five) I would enlarge and hang for all to see. It is bitterly cold here today...-12. I feel warmer looking at them...the ocean will always fascinate me. Merry inspire me in many ways.