June 28, 2016

June Awesomeness

I love the June “gloom”.  I love the big waves.  I love how awesomely special The Studio makes my mom & dad’s visits.

june awesomeness-1june awesomeness-2june awesomeness-3june awesomeness-4june awesomeness-5june awesomeness-6june awesomeness-7june awesomeness-8

Up close and personal …

june awesomeness-9

From a dryer perch …

june awesomeness-10

Dr. Seuss-ness…

june awesomeness-11june awesomeness-12june awesomeness-13june awesomeness-14june awesomeness-15

Interrupt dad & mom’s special dinner?  Sure, why not!  That’s not creepy at all, right? 

june awesomeness-16june awesomeness-17

Local sourcing of good, organic veggies and herbs … (think: future carrot soup)

june awesomeness-19june awesomeness-18june awesomeness-20june awesomeness-21june awesomeness-22june awesomeness-23june awesomeness-24

June awesomeness.  Yes?  Yes.

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