June 22, 2016

A Creek Runs Through It …

Specifically, Prichard Creek; and specifically, through the Idaho panhandle.  Mode of fishing: fly.  Type of fish: trout.

fishing prichard creek-1fishing prichard creek-2fishing prichard creek-3

Pick a fly, any fly.

fishing prichard creek-4fishing prichard creek-5

Note those fancy $5 polarized shades Big Dude procured at the shop where he got his fishing license.  By the end of the day, he upgraded to a sweet pair of Maui Jim’s he found abandoned on a creek log.

fishing prichard creek-6

Papa fished far, far away from Big & Little Dude.  He must have thought they’d scare away his fish.  He was probably right.

fishing prichard creek-7

Little Dude snagged his line somewhere on the opposite shore and passed it on to Big Dude to “fix”.

fishing prichard creek-8fishing prichard creek-9fishing prichard creek-10fishing prichard creek-11

“Fixing” required getting a little wet.

fishing prichard creek-12fishing prichard creek-13

Nana, meanwhile, found a really nice couch.  With a really nice view.

fishing prichard creek-14fishing prichard creek-15fishing prichard creek-16fishing prichard creek-17fishing prichard creek-18fishing prichard creek-19fishing prichard creek-20

Final Tally
Papa: 2 fish
Big Dude: 1 nibble
Little Dude: none fish this trip

We continued exploring a little ways down the River: behold the tiny town of Murray…

fishing the saint joe-21fishing the saint joe-22fishing the saint joe-23

We joked that this would be our fixer-upper summer property …

fishing the saint joe-24fishing the saint joe-25

Next up: our Revett Lake Trail Hike…


Rebeckah Leatherman said...

I love Nana's couch! : )
I love the intense fishing stance by Papa.
I think Big Dude looks like he is wearing skinny jeans. Nice : ).
If you do fix up that little house I will come to visit you.

Anita Johnson said...

And I walked right along with you....thanks.