June 5, 2016

1 Second Everyday: May 2016 edition

College Kid returns for the summer, Middle & Little Dude's classes wind down, cue the card games and puzzles.  Cue all the summer nature:  caterpillars, chrysalids, baby hummers, squab lobster by the hundreds of thousands, and rattlers, oh my!!


Tracy P. said...

OK, so that little caterpillar dance at the end there just blew my mind. I like how you're not all legalistic about the length of a second. So many awesome little creatures! (I'm kind of relieved there were no spiders though.) Hope your June is having lots of fantastic seconds too!

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

The rattle snake freaked me out. I am SO impressed with your leg push things at the gym! You are the coolest. I love that college kid is home. He makes me smile! WAY TO GO TO YOUR DRIVER! That puzzle is fabulous. I love the family God gave you. Dog dude makes me smile every time.