April 2, 2016

March Miscellany

Total randomness.   Beautiful foggy mornings…


Middle Dude, not smoking a cigar…


Some mornings are just way more cozy than others …march-3

New t-shirt with big aspirations…march-4
It’s that time of year again when the lizards get “friendly” for a couple days…march-5

We have a third teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why, yes, I do make due with whatever leftover candles I have on hand.march-6march-7

Art class.  Coolest studio…


Lots and lots of reading this month…march-9

Spring break = puzzle.march-10march-11

Big Dude pretends he’s a senior student…march-12

Little Dude gets his Ninja moves on …march-13march-14

Two nights in a row we head down to the beach to chase down spectacular sunsets.  One night was a sunset fizzle.  One night was a sunset sizzle.

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Tracy P. said...

Teenaged Little Dude. Ayayay. It's so hard to hate their growing up when they turn out so handsome and charming. Darn it. Hello art studio photo!! And striped pants that for some reason make me think of thin mints. Your happy places make me happy too, Susan.