April 13, 2016

Chasing Sunsets…

Two nights in a row, we looked out the windows, guestimated our chances of a spectacular sunset at the beach, and jumped in the car to go find out.


two sunset-1two sunset-2two sunset-3two sunset-4two sunset-5two sunset-6two sunset-7two sunset-8

So, first night:  beach was spectacular, but the sunset?  Not so much.


The beach was downright stormy – super strong winds and crazy waves.  And the sunset?  The Best.

two sunset-10two sunset-11two sunset-12two sunset-13two sunset-14two sunset-15two sunset-16two sunset-17two sunset-18two sunset-19two sunset-20two sunset-21two sunset-22

Big Dude captured some footage for our 1 Second Everyday


Anita Johnson said...

I can't imagine

Anonymous said...

Just curious, in the second picture,
what is that structure that looks
made of rock and cement?
mm,age 69, vancouver,wa.

Skeller said...

MM - it was originally built back in the 1920s to enclose a staircase from the house above, used to access the beach.