March 29, 2016

Oh, hey, it’s The Oh Hellos…

After wandering thru Warhol-ville, we picked up College Kid at his workplace (library) and headed down to all the Spring Concert festivities.

pepperdine spring concert-1pepperdine spring concert-2pepperdine spring concert-3

The dudes were pretty stoked to see the Postcards food truck.  We saw them on the Great Food Truck Race.  And just like on the show, we couldn’t buy anything from them at opening time, because they weren’t open yet.  Hey, it takes time to create good soul flavor!!

pepperdine spring concert-4

After Little Dude’s tummy was filled with good eats, he graciously agreed to ride the ferris wheel with me.

pepperdine spring concert-5pepperdine spring concert-6pepperdine spring concert-7pepperdine spring concert-8

It was a pretty spectacular view all the way around.  Little Dude was totally white-knuckling that bar, tho.

pepperdine spring concert-9pepperdine spring concert-10pepperdine spring concert-11

Us the Duo? … they were pretty much completely darling.

pepperdine spring concert-12pepperdine spring concert-13pepperdine spring concert-14pepperdine spring concert-15

And The Oh Hellos? … THEY WERE FABULOUS!

pepperdine spring concert-16pepperdine spring concert-17pepperdine spring concert-18pepperdine spring concert-19pepperdine spring concert-20pepperdine spring concert-21

Neato day.

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Anita Johnson said...

So cool...I would never get on the Farris wheel!