January 28, 2016

Hawaii–exploring Kona Coast…

Holualoa, Kona Joe’s Coffee Plantation, Kailua Village, and Two-Step Beach …
Never let it be said Hawaii isn’t colorful.
kona coast-1kona coast-2
Meet King Richard.  He’s very big and he wanted to share our lunch.

kona coast-3

After lunch with King Richard, we swung by Kona Joe Coffee.

kona coast-4kona coast-5kona coast-6
This is how they prepare a cup of 100% Kona Peaberry coffee:

kona coast-7kona coast-8kona coast-9kona coast-10kona coast-11kona coast-12

Quirky Kailua Village

kona coast-13kona coast-14

Dudes got friendly with some of the locals.

kona coast-15
I loved one of the galleries. Kona Oceanfront Gallery – beautiful paintings, beautiful photography, air-conditioning Smile.  I particularly enjoyed the art of Heather Parker.

kona coast-16

And, it wouldn’t truly be a Keller outing if there weren’t jumping at some point, like at Two-Step beach at sunset.

kona coast-17kona coast-18kona coast-19kona coast-20kona coast-21kona coast-22kona coast-23kona coast-24


Anita Johnson said...

These are spectacular photos...beautiful. And we have lots of time to read books in the winter in Wisconsin. Thank you!

Skeller said...

Anita, I think I could really get behind the idea of real winter if it meant I could stay home and read and never have to go out and drive in it ;-).