November 2, 2015

Sunsetting (that’s a verb I made up) at the beach.

Sunsetting: verb (or alternatively, gerund), basking in the radiance of a really good sunset.  also, doing whatever we’re doing in the midst of an active sun setting…
This was a really good one.  The very best kind in which one can enjoy sunsetting. 
crescent halloween-1 Look who got his braces off!  Hello, beautiful smile…crescent halloween-2 Exploring …crescent halloween-3 Light and flare dancing everywhere…crescent halloween-4 I suckered Dog Dude into some portraits amidst the beach boulders, because it's Pet Week at I Heart Faces.  He protested, and argued that his toenails were too long and his hair was wet and bedraggled and this just wasn't a good time ... I told him that if he just looked into future and gazed upon his 12yo self, he would be soooo appreciative that I took these handsome shots of his youthful, albeit wet, 9yo self.  He remains unconvinced.  But I know he'll see the "light" down the road, right?crescent halloween-5 crescent halloween-6 crescent halloween-7 We weren’t the only ones sunsetting …crescent halloween-8 crescent halloween-9 crescent halloween-10 crescent halloween-11This photographer, Nadia Martinez, and her clients hit the beach session jackpot this evening!  Look at all that glorious light bouncing all around…crescent halloween-12 crescent halloween-13 crescent halloween-14 crescent halloween-15 Do you suppose I’ll ever get around to getting a current real portrait of myself that doesn’t include my arms???  Probably not.  Funny true story … a friend of ours who recently saw me doing my long-arm-selfie routine, told Big Dude, “too bad that big camera is so lousy for taking selfies…”.  Big Dude set him straight:  “That’s an AWESOME selfie camera.”crescent halloween-16 sunsetting light Whenever we cross beach paths with this lovely lady, she joins the dudes for frisbee …crescent halloween-17 crescent halloween-18 Happy sigh.  Get ready … here comes some pretty splendiferous sunset action…crescent halloween-19 crescent halloween-20 crescent halloween-21 crescent halloween-22 crescent halloween-23 crescent halloween-24
We Kellers are serious about our sunsetting.  Big Huge Happy sigh.  I declare, sunsets are good for the soul.


Tracy P. said...

Sigh is rightW Dog dude is such a typical subject. Tell him to take a number with his protests already.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. And good you are getting in lots of them too. I am adopting the word sunsetting although most of mine are enjoyed in the drive home from work, they are still beautiful. :)
Cathie (the random lady who messaged you on FB about lenses a couple of weeks ago).

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

I think sunsetting is a perfect verb. : ) These photos are magical indeed. I love that you are able to spend time together at the end of the day enjoying the light and the love of one another. You are my favorite. I kind of want to clone your arms out of that pretty picture of you. Would it look weird? I should try it. You know, because I don't have three thousand and some photos to go through and edit for other people.... XO XO XO