October 7, 2015

1 Second Everyday: Sept 2015

School started, so we officially said goodbye to summer; tho, the heat remained and the beach still beckoned.  Big dude earned Son-in-Law of the week award when he climbed on a high ladder to take down wasp nests.  Mom & I toured fancy-schmancy condos.  Fresh bagels, pretty sunsets, wind, fog, and workouts at the Y happened.  So did dog walks, trips to Costco, grammar on the couch, and a visit to Pepperdine to see the 9/11 Memorial Flags.  Republicans debated, Mixels were sought, and a drive over the Grapevine and up the valley to celebrate a dear friend's life well lived.  Enjoyed comics, crosswords, going to the movies, and watching Dad do laps in the pool.

Video compilation & music choice:  College Kid

Big Dude protested the "moody" music choice of College Kid and make his own version of this month's 1SE ...

Isn't it interesting how differently music can affect the feeling of the slideshow?

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Tracy P. said...

Aw, good things come to those who stay for the credits!

I loved you and your mom's visit to the fancy schmancy condo. So sorry to hear that you've lost a good friend. It's funny how the ones who've lived well and are ready are the hardest to get along without. Blessings to all of you Kellers!